To tell through images the philosophy of Atman in Villa Rospigliosi (one Michelin star) was one of the most exciting food photography experiences for us. Being able to enter the kitchen together with chef Marco Cahssai (4 hats L'Espresso) allowed us to bring the menu to life through still life of the dishes intended for the restaurant's social media. 

“Vanguardia o Morir”

To accomplish this, we divided the story into two parts: a first backstage part in which to show the passion and dedication during the preparation of the dishes and a second part in which to tell the story of the dishes through a clean, elegant and refined setting so that the avant-garde content of the dishes on offer would emerge.

"We were taught to love in the kitchen, and we want to go do it on the moon."
~ Marco Cahssai

If not Adesso when?

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